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3.4.1 Creating new programs

The best way to create a new program, with the Irie Pascal Integrated Development Environment (i.e. the IDE), depends on whether the IDE is in project mode or in file mode. NOTE: The Executable Preferences page of the User Preferences dialog box is used to switch between file and project modes, and to select executable options for file mode.

Creating programs in project mode

If the IDE is in project mode, you should create a new program by first creating a new project for the program. When you create the new project the IDE will automatically create the new program for you, and associate this program with the project (see creating new projects for more information). Whenever you compile or run a project, the IDE will compile or run the program associated with the project.

Creating programs in file mode

If the IDE is in file mode, you create a new program by simply creating a new file (see the File menu for more information on creating a new file). In this mode the executable options on the Executable Preferences page will affect how the program is compiled and run.

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