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4.2 Irie Pascal projects

Irie Pascal Projects

When the Irie Pascal IDE is in project mode (see The Executable Preferences page for more information) every program you work with must be associated with a project. Each Irie Pascal project is stored in a project file with the extension (.ipj), and only one program can be a associated with an Irie Pascal project at any one time. When a project is compiled, it is the program associated with the project, that is actually compiled. You can change the program associated with a project by using the Choose Program... menu entry from the Project menu. In addition to the program, Irie Pascal projects also contain a number of options that affect the editor, the compiler, as well as the executable generated by the compiler. It is recommended that you create a new project for each program that you write. This allows you to specify project options separately for each program that you write. If you do not specifically create or open a project, then the default project is used.

The Default Project

When you start the Irie Pascal IDE it automatically opens the default project. Whenever you create a new project it starts off with the options specified for the default project. So it's best to specify the options for the default project that you use most often.

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