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You can create a new project by selecting the New... menu entry from the Project menu or by clicking on the New Project button  in the Toolbar. Either method will activate a dialog box which allows you to specify the name and location of the new project. After specifing the name and location, use the Save button to close the dialog box and create the project.

When you create a new project, a program source file with the same name as the project is automaticaly created (if a program source file with the same name already exists then this file is opened instead of being created). So for example if you create a new project called first, a project file named first.ipj, and a program source file named first.pas will be created. The program source file first.pas will be empty (unless it existed before the project was created), and you can start entering your program immedietly. In addition, the list of recently closed files, located at the end of the File menu is cleared.

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