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3.10.4 Accessing ActiveX object properties

Accessing the properties of ActiveX objects

The properties of ActiveX objects are functions that allow you to access the state of the objects. Before accessing the properties of an ActiveX object, you need to instantiate the object (see instantiating ActiveX objects). Although properties are really functions, the syntax you use to access a property is similar to the syntax you would use to access the fields of a record. The difference is that you use

 object-variable '.' property-name

instead of

 record-variable '.' field-name

where object-variable is an object variable that contains an instance of the ActiveX object

and property-name is the name of the property being accessed.

See the Irie Pascal Programmer's Reference Manual (in "progref.html") for more information.

NOTE: After you have finished using the ActiveX object make sure you get rid of it (see disposing of ActiveX objects).

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