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5.2.1 Using the interpreter

The Irie Virtual Machine Interpreter is used to run Irie Virtual Machine executables.

The interpreter should be run from a command-line prompt.

Once you are at a command-line prompt use the following syntax:

Syntax: ivm [filename] [arguments]

 where filename specifies the Irie Virtual Machine Executable to run.

 and [arguments] are program arguments passed to the executable.

NOTE: [x] indicates that x is optional.

For example if you compile the sample program hello.pas, the compiler will generate a file called hello.ivm which contains an Irie Virtual Machine Executable.

You can run it by entering ivm hello or ivm hello.ivm.

NOTE: If you do not specify a path for the executable (as in the example above) the interpreter will first look in the current directory and if not found the interpreter will search the path.

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