The str procedure


The str procedure converts an integral or real value into a string and stores this string into a string variable.


  1. The first parameter specifies up to three items:
  2. The second parameter is a reference to the string variable that will store the converted string value.


   str(1034, s);         will store   '   1034'   in s
   str(1034:1, s);       will store   '1034'      in s
   str(1034:5, s);       will store   ' 1034'     in s
   str(7893.678, s);     will store   ' 7.89E+03' in s
   str(7893.678:8, s);   will store   '7.89E+03'  in s
   str(7893.678:8:3, s); will store   '7893.678'  in s


Operating Systems: All
Standard Pascal: No