The mkdir procedure


The mkdir procedure creates a new directory/folder. If the directory/folder already exists then the mkdir procedure call will fail.


  1. The first parameter is an expression of string type or char type which is the name of the directory/folder to create. If the directory/folder being created is a sub-directory/sub-folder then the parent directories/folders must exist.
  2. The second parameter is optional, and if supplied is an expression of integral type which specifies permissions for the directory/folder being created. The permission constants can be used to specify directory/folder permissions. If this parameter is not supplied then the default permissions are used. NOTE: Some operating systems like Windows ignore this parameter.


The following call to create the directory/folder c:\irie\test will fail if the directory/folder c:\irie does not already exist.

   mkdir('\irie\test') makes the directory 'test' in
                           the directory '\irie'


Operating Systems: All
Standard Pascal: No