rsdynmic is used when opening a recordset (see to specify that a dynamic recordset should be opened. Dynamic recordsets are scrollable (i.e. you can move both forwards and backwards through the records in the recordset). Database changes (i.e. record insertions, updates, or deletions) are visible to dynamic recordsets even after the recordset is opened. NOTE: Irie Pascal does not currently provide a way to move backwards through a recordset, so you can't take maximum advantage of dynamic recordsets. Also if the you are connected to a MySQL database then this constant is ignored and a forward-only recordset is opened instead.

Example, sSQL, rsdynamic);

In the example above

   rs is the recordset object that will contain the opened recordset.

   conn is the connection object containing an open connection to a database.

   sSQL is a string variable containing the SQL statement that defines the recordset.

   rsdynamic specifies that a dynamic recordset should be opened.


Operating Systems: All
Standard Pascal: No