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1.4 System include files

The following system include files are provided with Irie Pascal to make it easier for you to directly access the Windows API. These system include files contain declarations for many of the Windows API functions, procedures, types, and constants.

System include files:

Irie Pascal has also changed the way it searches for include files. When you include a file but do not specify where the include file is located (recommended), Irie Pascal will search in the current folder first, then in the user include folder, and finally in the system include folder.

The user include folder is located at <installation folder>\include\user. If you create any include files that can be used by more than one program then you could put them in this folder.

The system include folder is located at <installation folder>\include, and is the folder that system include files will be installed into.

NOTE: <installation folder> is the folder you installed Irie Pascal into.

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